6 Door Bedroom Wardrobe

6 Door Mirrored Bedroom Wardrobe


4 Door Wardrobe Set

4 Door Wardrobe Set

3 Door Mirrored Wardrobe Set in Oak

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  1. Triple Door Wardrobe:
    • Dimensions: Height 184.5cm, Width 115cm, Depth 50cm
    • Material: Particle board + MDF frame
    • Finish Type: Wood effect (matte)
    • Handles: Metal silver handles
    • Assembly: Ready assembled
    • Storage: Two hanging rails
    • Additional Features: One small mirror, metal runners, and casters/wheels
  2. Chest of Drawers:
    • Dimensions: Height 102cm, Width 77.5cm, Depth 40.5cm
    • Material: Particle board + MDF frame
    • Finish Type: Wood effect (matte)
    • Handles: Metal silver handles
    • Drawers: Three
  3. Bedside Cabinet:
    • Dimensions: Height 63cm, Width 40.5cm, Depth 40.5cm
    • Material: Particle board + MDF frame
    • Finish Type: Wood effect (matte)
    • Handles: Metal silver handles
    • Drawers: Three
  4. Set Look:
    • You can complete the set by adding matching wardrobes, chests of drawers, a bedside table, and a dressing table (available separately).

This classic wardrobe set is brand new, ready assembled, and designed with practical features like hanging rails, drawers, and a small mirror. The wood-effect finish adds a touch of elegance to your space. Whether you’re organizing your bedroom or creating storage in other rooms, this set offers both style and functionality! 🌟

!Classic Wardrobe Set

Remember to measure your available space carefully before ordering to ensure a perfect fit! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. 😊


Classic triple door mirrored wardrobe set in oak colour for you. This elegant wardrobe collection features contemporary framed doors and fronts, and it’s available in a variety of finishes to match your room’s colour scheme. Here are the key details:

  1. Design and Finish Options:
    • The wardrobe comes in a choice of finishes, including greyblackwalnutdark oak-effectlight oak-effect, and fresh white.
    • Each finish has a realistic grained texture, adding to its visual appeal.
    • The shiny metal handles provide a sleek touch.
  2. Components:
    • The complete set includes three main pieces:
      • Triple Door Mirrored Wardrobe: The centre door features a mirror, adding light and depth to your space. One side of the wardrobe contains a hanging rail and a high shelf, while the opposite section features two rails stacked on top of each other—perfect for shorter items like blouses.
      • 5-Drawer Chest of Drawers: Offers additional storage space for folded clothes, accessories, or other items.
      • 3-Drawer Bedside Cabinet: Convenient for keeping essentials within reach.
  3. Storage Features:
    • The wardrobe provides ample storage:
      • Hanging rail for longer garments.
      • High shelf for bulkier items.
      • Three drawers for folded clothes or accessories.
    • The metal drawer runners ensure smooth opening and closing of the drawers.
    • Adjustable metal hinges allow easy alignment, even on uneven floors.
  4. Versatility:
    • While primarily designed for clothing storage, this free-standing wardrobe can be placed in various rooms:
      • Bedroom: As a traditional wardrobe.
      • Entryway: To store coats, shoes, or bags.
      • Office: For organizing files or office supplies.
      • Guest Room: Providing storage for guests.
  5. Colour Options:
    • Choose from whiteblackgreywalnut, or the oak finish you mentioned.
    • Mix and match two colours without any extra cost.
  6. Size and Mirror Options:
    • The wardrobe collection offers different sizes and configurations, including options with or without mirrors and drawers.

Remember, at Real Time Furniture, we cater to various preferences, whether you’re a clothes hoarder or prefer minimalist storage solutions. Feel free to explore our range of wardrobes to find the perfect fit for your space! 🌟

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 115 × 50 × 184 cm

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